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Sexual medicine covers the medical aspects of sexual problems and the sexual aspects of medical problems.


Some typical issues that may benefit from sexual medicine consultation: 

  • Erectile dysfunction or problems with ejaculation

  • Problems with arousal or lubrication -- too much or too little

  • Low Desire

  • Pain during or after Sex​

  • Problems with Orgasm

  • Sexual problems that occur after cancer diagnosis or treatment

  • Sexual issues for people with physical disabilities

  • Sexual issues for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities

  • Lots more! 

The Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness does not provide primary care, or general urology and gynecology services.  When necessary, we work closely with other physicians including urologists and gynecologists to develop treatment plans that will meet your needs.


At the current time we are not providing gender alignment treatment. We are fortunate in this community to have many resources for trans* care and will be happy to refer you to one of our colleagues.


What to expect

Your initial consultation fee will cover two visits-- an initial information gathering visit and a treatment planning visit.

Before your first visit, we will provide you with and intake form and, depending on the reason for your appointment, questionnaires to complete at home.


At your first visit:  You can expect your first visit to last about an hour. Dr. Kranz will gather information, including your family history, medical history, and conduct a biopsychosocial assessment that explores your emotional and environmental health. A physical exam may also be conducted but is not mandatory. You may be provided with a laboratory request form to complete lab work or other testing prior to your follow up visit. We will discuss collaboration with your other medical and mental health providers. If appropriate, and only with your written consent, Dr. Kranz will obtain information from other providers prior to your next visit. We may also provide you with more specific sexual health questionnaires to complete before returning to the office again. Partners or spouses are always welcome at your visits.

At your second visit: On your return visit, Dr. Kranz will discuss the results of your blood work and any diagnostics she may have completed during your physical exam on the first visit. She will discuss your questionnaires with you and present you with treatment options that are tailored to your personal needs.


Follow the link below to a very informative test of what is sexually exciting and sexually inhibiting designed by the Kinsey Institute.