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What is sex therapy?

Wondering if you need sex therapy? You have come to the right place. Almost everybody has some concerns about sexual issues.

  • Am I "normal?"

  • Am I having too much sex or not enough sex or the right kind of sex?

  • Why do my partner and I fight about sex or not have sex at all?

  • I have had unpleasant sexual experiences in the past and I need help.


Our therapists are AASECT Certified Sex Therapists, which means we have extensive training in sex therapy and an in-depth understanding of many sexual problems. We also understand that the landscape of human sexuality is vast and includes polyamory, BDSM or kink, gender non-conformity, and transgender people. We doubt you have a problem we have not seen.

Here are some other concerns people have. Sex therapy may be useful-- either on your own or with your partner (or partners).

 Is my penis normal?

 Is my vulva/vagina normal?

 Why can’t I get an erection, keep an erection, or have an orgasm?

 Why can’t I get wet or have an orgasm while having sex?

 Why does sex hurt?

 Am I masturbating too much?

 Is pornography hurting me, or hurting my partner?

 Are my fantasies harmful?

 My religion does not accept me – what should I do?

 Can you help me with transitioning?

 I was sexually harmed and need help.

 Why do I need drugs to have sex?

 My partner cajoles me, forces me, and threatens me to have sex.

 What is sex all about and why does everyone make such a fuss about it?

 How does my body work – no one ever told me!

 I need help figuring out how to do sex with a disability.

 I keep having affairs and I need help or think something is wrong with me.

Call us, and we will let you know if we think we can help!

Follow the link below to a very informative test of what is sexually exciting and sexually inhibiting designed by the Kinsey Institute. 

Couples group therapy for desire concerns