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Treatment for Compulsive Sexual Behavior (Sex Addiction)

Are you struggling with excessive pornography use or out of control sexual urges and activity? You are not alone. The Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness will work with you in a respectful way, with methods based on the best available scientific evidence. There are many causes and treatments to help manage these problems.  We are here to help. No need to attend expensive intensive programs. We have expert information and knowledge to help you with these issues.

Treatment needs to address your personal and family values and how you were raised as well as what is sexually exciting to you, your sexual orientation, and your gender identity. The Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness has a physician and certified sex therapists to meet your needs. If you identify yourself as a sex addict, we can help!

Study after study indicates that physicians and mental health specialists do not have enough training to help their clients with sexual problems, and many health providers do not even ask about sexual functioning. Take control of your sexual health needs and contact the Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness. We have highly specialized professionals to help you with a wide variety of problems.


If you are anxious about talking with your provider come talk to us about how to advocate for your sexual health needs. 


How do we treat out of control sexual behavior or sex addiction?

At the Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness you will receive comprehensive care for your sexual health needs and concerns about sex and porn addiction. Our program does not stigmatize or shame you. We offer a variety of treatment options to facilitate your recovery:



  • EMDR – to help process past trauma and negative messages about yourself.

  • Psychotherapy – to unlearn the addiction, develop coping strategies, increase your capacity to tolerate stress, understand how you got to this place and more.

  • Sex Therapy – to learn health sexuality, the six principles of sexual health, come to terms with sexual dysfunction and your erotic template.

  • Neurofeedback – to stabilize the nervous system and allow you to be more present for counseling techniques to take effect.

  • Group Therapy

  • Couples counseling – for those who come with a partner and are willing to share openly their struggles. Couples counseling is a great treatment option when there are no secrets between the two of you.

Medical evaluation:

  • Receive a comprehensive evaluation by a specialist in sexual medicine.

  • Identify medical contributors to your problem.

  • Assess for sexual or other disorders which may underlie your problem.

  • Identify if medication may be helpful.


Collaboration with other providers: 

We collaborate with other well trained professionals to address the complicated nature of sex addiction.

Why choose us: Because the Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness provides a model for your sexual health that integrates sex therapy, newer understandings of treating addiction, and does not shame or stigmatize people suffering from this problem.